Monday, June 27, 2016

Peace through Reflection

 In my last post I shared my struggle of watching Jacob drive.  And truthfully, Jacob is an amazing driver and so it really isn’t about his driving skills.  As I really thought about it and began to reflect upon my emotions which felt like they were in a negative downward spiral.  I think the moment represents how he has one foot in the nest and one foot out of the nest, and I am not ready to let go.  It was only yesterday, I gazed upon his sweet face for the first time as I marveled over how God had taken part of Troy and part of me and created this beautiful miracle. 

I wrestle with my emotions and feelings on how am I going to let my son go?  Part of me wants to hold on and drive him around until he is at least 30J!   I know he is not a boy anymore but a young man.  I have to let him go and in the process my heart breaks a little.  In the brokenness, Jesus sheds the light of His love and the truth fills my heart and mends it back together.

Jacob is carved into the hands of the One who created the universe and flung the stars into place.  I will continue to muddle through this process and as I do I will rest in the promises of the ONE who loves Jacob more than I can possibly imagine.   I will continue to hold onto my favorite bible verse, ‘My soul find rest in God alone.  Psalm 62:1

How do you deal with struggles?  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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