Monday, April 03, 2006

Welcome to Ripples of Peace, I'm so glad that you decided to stop by. I have created this blog as a way to share my writings with family and friends. I chose the name Ripples of Peace because of the love that I have for being out on the water. Growing up in Northern Minnesota gave me plenty of time to spend enjoying God's beautiful creation. One of my favorite things was to be out in the water either in a boat or a canoe just soaking in the warm rays of the sun. I loved sitting there feeling the wind whisper across my skin, I could feel the presence and peace of God.

I loved watching the water and the ripples that were created. How did they start and how far did they go? Life is a lot like the ripples in the water. All of us face challenges on a daily basis and it has a ripple effect on our lives and those around us.

How do you deal with the trials of life? I have learned that we can only meet the difficulties of life by having our Savior at our side. There have been so many times where I would try and fix things on my own and I would end up with a bigger mess. I knew that only my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, would be able to help me through those troubled times.

God comforts me and gives me His peace on a daily basis. It is my hope that when you come and visit that I can share with you the Peace and encouragement that God has given me.

"The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the Word that sustains the weary. He awakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears. " Isaiah 50: 4-5


Jimella said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I look forward to reading more of your reflections. I am glad that you are sharing with us the Gift that God has given you.
Love you,

Dad and Mom said...

This is Dad and Mom writing this Michelle.

We thought you did a good job with writing on your blog. We are sure God is going to use your gift of writing to help other people find the peace that you have found in the Lord Jesus as your Saviour.

We love you and are very proud of you too.

Love always, Dad and Mom xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

Dad and I wanted to tell you we are very proud of you and think you did a great job with your writing on your blog. We are sure that your writing will bless many people and help others find the peace you have found in the Lord Jesus as your Saviour.

We love you very much.

Love always, Dad and Mom xoxo

Betty from Kansas City said...

HI Michelle....I enjoyed the first of your many "Ripples of Peace" to come. Keep your reflections coming and to God all the "Glory".
Love, Betty

Anonymous said...

Another KC girl-
Dear Michelle,
You will go far with your writing. May God continue to bring out your natural talents and spiritual gifts.

Jen said...

Popping in to say hi, Michelle! I've got you bookmarked, so will be checking in here regularly!


--Jen (sk8rgrrl)

DEB said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing your site here! I've put it in my favorites and will definitely be back to read more.

Chet Morton said...


Terrific blog. Doesn't it feel great to be published?! It was great meeting you at the Quad Cities conference. KEEP WRITING!

- Chris White

Pat Maguire said...

Hi Michelle,
It has been a long time since we have talked (email-eze). I loved reading your blog. Your faith is so strong. What a gift. And speaking of the peace of our Lord. I just came from a friend's home having delivered a book entitled, "The Empty Cradle". This couple had just lost their baby boy, Luke ... the mother was only 22 weeks along and God called him home. He lived for 8 minutes and the couple relished that 8 minutes the Lord gave them. There was such a peace in them when I visited them. A sadness, yes, but a real peace and acceptance that God is journeying with them and will see them thru this. This is an older couple (37 & 46) ... they have been trying to get pregnant for several years and had tried in vitro ... which took 5 times before it took. Please pray for this little family as God holds them in His arms.

As a mother I know you can relate to their joy and their sorrow.

Are you still doing T-Tapp? I am so bad ... I WILL go back someday. The good Lord just hasn't kicked me hard enough yet.

Peace and lots of good stuff,
Pat Maguire (Momma M)