Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have been absent from my blog for a very long time.  I never meant to neglect it.  Sometimes life takes an unexpected twist and you find yourself on a path you never planned to take.  I have had several unexpected life upheavals take place and I will share bits and pieces of them in time.  I have struggled with my health for over three years now.  It is hard.  I have lost all parathyroid function.  My body no longer knows how to process calcium and vitamin D on its own.  I take medication to help my body absorb the calcium.  This very medication which keeps me from developing kidney stones depletes my body of magnesium and potassium.  So I take those supplements.  If my body does not receive enough of those vital nutrients my heart races.  I feel like a science experiment as we find the proper dosages to keep my body working effectively. 

My diagnoses is called hypoparathyroidism.  There are days where I feel normal.  There are days were I feel so exhausted it is an effort to complete the ordinary tasks of life.  There are times when anxious thoughts rob me of precious sleep and there are moments when depression hangs like a dark cloud over my day.  It is a challenge because there isn't a pattern to when I feel good and when I will struggle to get through the day.  Thankfully I have more good days than bad.

In the midst of learning to deal with my health limitations it became necessary for me to have a hysterectomy.  The surgery went fine but post surgery I lost a lot of blood.  It took me a few months for my body to recover from the trauma it went through.  In the midst of this we are building a home.  It is exciting to build a new home but if you have ever traveled that road it can be very stressful. 

My husband, Troy, has been a huge blessing through everything.  We have learned to take one day at a time.  God has brought us through all of the joys and sorrow of this past year.  He has never left our side.  We remain in His capable hands.  We do not know what tomorrow might bring, but we know God holds all of our tomorrows.  We have found comfort in God's word and received strength and nourishment in receiving the Lord's supper.  God has provided loving family and friends who have loved us through it all.  God has provided for all of our NEEDS every moment of every day.

During the season of Lent I am brought back to a memory from my childhood.  At the close of every Lenten service our congregation sang, "Abide with Me."  I love the words of this beautiful hymn.

I know each one of you have your struggles and have great burdens to bear as well.  May you find comfort in knowing the Lord has you in His most capable hands.  May God grant you peace, hope, and joy today and always.


Jimella said...

I am so glad you are writing again! Your words will bless many I'm sure. I love you.


Dad and Mom said...

We are glad that you are writing in your blog once again. We love you. Love always, Dad and Mom