Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful and Grateful
I didn't have an opportunity to write this post before we left for our whirlwind Thanksgiving trip to visit Jimella and family.

As I reflect upon this past year I have so many things to be grateful for. I wish I had the time to write about all of them. I think I need to start writing more gratitude posts throughout the year.

First and foremost and I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I do not have to face life's daily challenges as He walks with me and is my constant companion. To many times I want to fix or control things. I have discovered time after time this never works, maybe one of these days I will learn my lesson. I need to place it all in the capable hands of Jesus, and I cannot even do that on my own. He has already taken care of my biggest challenge by dying on the cross for my sins, and making my payment for me.

All of my blessings are gifts from the Lord and so I will try and list as many as I can, with some pictures!

I am truly blessed to be married to my soul-mate. Troy, is a wonderful husband and he is my best friend. We have been through a lot together, and God has walked with us each step of the way. We have had the privilege and the joy of raising our two sons Jacob and Matthew. Having boys around is always an adventure.

For those who know us best you know we have had some huge financial, health, and emotional challenges over the past couple of years. The Lord has provided for us in countless ways, all of our needs were met on a daily basis. For those who walked this journey with us, prayed for us, loved us, listened and cried with us, and for all of the other gifts you gave to us....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Even though we have experienced some dark moments, we felt and saw God's love through the heart of His people.

This past year we were able to farm our ground again. Even with late planting because of flooding and a very dry August, we were blessed with bountiful crops. I have learned as a farmer's wife there is always a time to plant and always a time to harvest...all of it guided and directed by the hand of the Lord.

We have decided to farm differently and so we have hired someone to help with the planting and harvesting, while Troy works full-time with a contract position at John Deere, which hopefully will soon become permanent. Troy has been able to help farm our ground with our boys when time allows. Mart, the guy we have working for us has been very kind to our boys and we appreciate it. Here are some pictures of my favorite farmers!!!! And of the harvest!!!!

Notice, Jacob, resting in the wheel of the tractor!

This last year as many of you know we almost lost my Dad. The four of us siblings were able to all be together with my, Mom as we waited for Dad to recover from his surgery. He was in ICU for a long time. We are thankful, Dad is still with us. I have been deeply blessed to have wonderful parents and siblings. It is a gift to be able enjoy a close relationship with all of them. I wanted to include some pictures from our time spent with them this summer.

Jacob & Matthew with Grandma and Grandpa with Willy the Walleye. Some of my favorite childhood memories are fishing for Walleye, on Lake of the Woods. Willy is stationed near Lake of the Woods and so we took advantage of a kodak moment!

My four favorite Dudes, enjoying a picnic lunch together! Don't they look cool in their shades?

Grandpa and Matthew on his first fishing adventure from boat! We didn't catch any keepers but we have some wonderful memories to enjoy.

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