Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Time flies! When I was a little girl, I remember impatiently waiting for the County fair to start. I complained to my Grandma how I could hardly wait and why were the days so long. My Grandma, spoke words of wisdom on that long ago day….I did not realize it at the time. She told me not to wish my life away and as I got older I would understand, that time does not stand still….it flies by so quickly, we wonder where it went.

I found so much truth….and now that I am a Mom, I would love to cling to these precious moments in time, because I know, all too quickly my boys will grow up. One of my goals this year is to not take my husband, boys, family, friends, health, or God for granted. I cannot make time stand still, but I can cherish each moment of life and not take it for granted.

This past year, I faced some major health challenges and it has caused to stop and take a look at my life. Because I felt so miserable, I was praying for each day to end as quickly as it began. I feel deep regret over moments lost this past year and I can never get them back…I can only move forward.

I also discovered this past week as I thought I was staring death in face…is I do not want live my life just biding time to go by because I do not feel well. There are some health issues I have no control over, but there are those I can control and I will start with those. You see, I thought I was having a heart attack they other night. Thankfully, my heart is in great condition, according to my cardiologist. Before hearing those words, I was thinking, “Michelle, this 70 plus pounds of fat has to go!” This is not helping your heart or any other aspect of your health.

I have not written in my blog for a long time….for various reasons. I want a fresh new start. This will be a great way to document the changes I hope to make this next year. My blog will change in someways…I will still write about devotional topics…but I also want to add stories about what is going on in my life about my health, my family, and I will also have entries about the 2008 political happenings. Now, I know I have many friends who share my political view points and there are other dear friends who do not. What I write about will be my opinions based on what I believe and my purpose is not to offend but to offer a discussion. You will be able to make comments on anything, I write. I always review my comments before I will post them….so I ask for there not be any vulgar language or bashing another persons belief. I believe we can have these discussions and remain friends. On some issues we will agree to disagree. I want to learn as much as I can about the political process and I want to search out the truth. So, I hope you will join me for what will prove to be an interesting year in the political arena.

I pray for God’s richest blessing upon you and your families in this year and always.


Jimella said...

Michelle~ I'm glad that you are writing again. You're right we don't just want to bide our time until the day is over. Good food for thought in what you wrote. Love you. Jimella

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Michelle :) It's great to have you back here and writing again. I too have been recalling childhood memories these past few days. I think as we get older, we recall (whilst we are able) at this time of year, thinking of years and people gone by.

The challenges you have faced recently have given you a clear head for the future, you have had one of those experiences that opens our eyes puts our hectic lives into perspective and highlights what is important to us. The trick now is to hold onto that perspective, easier said than done I know.

I wish you rude health, renewed strengh, happiness and determination to achieve all you desire. I'm very proud to count you as a friend.

Cheryl said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! I will enjoy visiting you here, Michelle. I hope you are already feeling better and that the year ahead brings better health as well as many other blessings to both you and your dear family.

Shannon said...


I'm glad you are back writing again my friend!

Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that I take very little interest in the political world. Does that come with age? Is it something I should be working at? I simply have no motivation/ passion for the political world.

Kristi said...

Well written Michelle! I didn't know you were blogging, but will be reading from now on. Seems that my first comment disappeared into cyberspace. Will be checking back.