Friday, May 12, 2006

This writing is in honor of my Mom, Beverly Moorhead

As I look back through the eyes of a daughter who is now a Mother, I wonder how my Mom was able to do all that she did.

My Mom had all four of her children in 3 ½ years; with my Dad working a lot double shifts so that my Mom could be at home. My Mom did not have her driver’s license until my twin sister and I were 7 years old. So it wasn’t like she could pack us all up and go visiting to get out of the house for awhile.

There wasn’t a lot of extra money for babysitters and we didn’t have a lot of family close by that would be able to provide my Mom an extra set of hands on a consistent basis. She kept us all quiet while my Dad would have to sleep during the day when he would work the night shift. No disposable diapers were used and she did not have a lot of the conveniences that we have today.

We had a huge garden and most of the summer was spent tending garden and than canning all of the wonderful vegetables that God provided for us. Here is the variety of the tasty delights that Mom would work so hard on: tomato sauce, tomato juice, green beans, pickled green beans, carrots, corn, apple sauce, apple juice, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, rhubarb jam, beets, pickled beets, eggs pickled in the beet juice, assortment of pickles, and I’m sure that I am forgetting a few things! Nothing was wasted! And during those long days of canning my Mom still cooked us meals, baked bread and cookies and took care of all the other things that needed to be done. We didn’t have the money just to go out to eat because Mom had been to busy doing all of these other things.

As a young child I would get severe asthma attacks. This would require trips to the emergency room in the middle of the night. When we would get home Mom would have me sleep with her so that she could check on my breathing. I sounded like a leaky radiator, not a sound you would want to hear coming from your child as she is breathing. It was sometimes scary but knowing that Mom was right there was a great comfort to me.

In high school I was in a bad accident and it required me to stay in the hospital for 10 days. My Mom would come up every morning after she got the other kids off to school, to help me take a shower and get ready for the day. The nurse could have done it but I wanted my Mom. A young girl doesn’t want anyone but there Mom around when they are in the state of undress.

One morning I woke up early and I saw this strange thing on my table. I picked it up and read that it was a catheter. It was only 5:00 a.m. and the nurse happened to come into the room to check on me. I asked her what is for and when she explained how it would be used, I was horrified. She told me that she would come back at 6:00 a.m. to collect my urine. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want anybody using that “thing:” on me. I called my Mom bawling and asking her to tell them not to do it. My Mom never complained about me waking her up so early; she calmed me down and told me that it would be all right.

My Mom was always there to listen and to encourage. Mom and Dad taught us to trust in God above all things. Whenever troubles or challenges would arise Mom was always there to remind me of how much God loved me and how He would give me the strength to get through the situation.

Mom was only a phone call away as I moved away for the first time. She listened to my joys and sorrows, my heart aches and my heart breaks, and to anything else that was going on...

My Mom is still only a phone call away. I treasure our talks and I still share with her my joys and sorrows. Now when she comes to visit I have to share her with my boys. It brings my heart the greatest joy watching her play and love my sons.

My Mom is my friend, my mentor, teacher, and a safe place. I thank God for her each and every day.

13 “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13 (NIV)


Stephanie said...

Moms are a great gift from God. I can only hope that I can be as great a mother to my children in the future as my mom is for me.

Mom and Dad said...

Dear Michelle,

All I can say is thank you very much for the beautiful writing about me. I forgot some of those things you wrote about. But God was always there to help us through whatever the situation was for that moment.

We love you very much honey!!

Love always, Mom and Dad xoxo

Betty said...

Love, Betty (I miss my Mom)